28th Jan, 2020

Yin Mindfulness Yoga Master Class



Yogakula 요가쿨라운영본부 Seoul, Korea


Yin Mindfulness Yoga is a type of Yoga practise in which it complements the Yang Yoga practise. Yang Yoga poses basically are more dynamic and mostly active or fast in nature. In Yin Yoga, all floor posture are held passively for several minutes or even longer as it will prepare the body to slowly adopt to a safer and positive “stress” at all connective tissue in the body.

On the physical side point of view, Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily areas between the navel and knees part. On the other hand, Yin Yoga opens the body's Meridian system in which it could enhances the own body's energetic flow, in which it could directly maintain our own body's emotional equilibrium.

As Yin Yoga poses emphasises calm, stillness, silent and deep stretching in nature, through the practise Yin Yoga, it will prepare both the body and mind into deeper experience and longer duration during meditation practises.

Workshop Program :

  • Mindfulness of breathing & Meditation
  • Understanding & theory - Introduction to Yin Mindfulness Yoga
  • Yin Asana practice – Deep Relaxing & Meridians Detox Series

Suitable for yoga Teacher or people simply interested in deepening their knowledge and experience of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness.

For registration & information, please contact :
School Name : Yogakula 요가쿨라운영본부
Address : 경기도 성남시 분당구 서현동 245-4 LG에클라트 2차1218호
Email : yogakula.korea@gmail.com (업무제휴, 기업체출강, 프랜차이즈 문의 등)