19th Jan, 2020

Mindfulness Yin Yoga Charity Class


March 26, 2017

Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre


Mindfulness Yin Yoga Charity Class


Please join us at this Charity Yin Yoga Event. This event is for all level of people from beginners to experienced practitioners. All proceeds go to charity.


Date : March 26, 2017 (Sunday)

Time : 10.00am - 12.00pm

Location : Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre

Fee : RM 50


CHRIS SU will lead the yoga program, He graduated from Yoga Vidya Gurukul University of Hatha Yoga in India. Chris Su recently co-founded the Yin Mindfulness Immersion, a mindfulness-based strategy firm and who is now in the midst of preparing for the publication of his book on the Yin Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Strategies for Englightened Living.


Chris's yin yoga and mindfulness meditation courses emphasize safety, the cultivation of moment-to-moment awareness and the potential for freedom in the here and now.


If you have any questions participating in this event, please contact us by phone +6012-606 3059 / 016-611 6065 / 016-621 8625 or log-on to www.yin-mindfulness.com for more info.


* Please bring your own yoga mat. Yoga asana class is suitable for all levels.